The Transpath company has been involved in the funding of a variety of worthy enterprises including:

1 - the informatics activities of NKF cyberNephrology,

2 - the humanitarian and educational activities supporting the Patan Academy of the Health Sciences, a new developing world medical school in Kathmandu, Nepal,

3 - the musical and cultural activities of the Cohenights Arts Society, which mounts events which celebrate the creative work of Canadian iconic poet singer songwriter Leonard Cohen, and

4 - the creative writing enterprises of the cyberMedicine Joint Venture which include book writing and Dr. Solez's essays on ThinkerNet Blog.

5 - online dissemination of videos and other teaching materials from the Technology and Future of Medicine Course LABMP 590

6 - support of post-graduate medical training in kidney pathology.

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Banff 2011 Meeting


Banff 2013 Meeting


Transpath Inc. is a unique diagnostics company providing central slide review by Dr. Kim Solez of kidney transplant biopsies for international clinical trials. Dr. Solez established the Banff Classification by which such biopsies are read worldwide with Dr. Lorraine Racusen in 1991, and he has been engaged in central slide review work since 1992. He and Dr. Racusen direct the Banff Allograft Pathology meetings every two years which establish and fine tune diagnostic criteria in solid organ transplantation.  

Assisting Dr. Solez in carrying out the work of the company are Laurie Cat Bennett, Vice President for Operations, Preeti Kuttikat, Coordinator (part time), and Stephen Trevoy, Accountant.

The Eleventh Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology was held from June 6-10, 2011 in Paris, France.



About the Company: